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Scales and Chromey in: Shunned by PtinceMonochrome
Scales and Chromey in: Shunned
The first comic of the series, to me, it's hilarious, my friend did a great job at drawing it and i give her credit for the picture, me? i only take credit for design of the blue pony, nothing more.
(Shout out to Nuni, you are best artist in history of world)
“Alright kid, let’s do this one last time before I lose my mind.” A police offer stated, he leaned forward and pressed down a button on a tape recorder then leaned back into his chair. “What is your name-?”
“Jeff Jr.” the boy quickly replied.
“For the love of god-Your Real Name!” the officer snapped at him. The boy leaned closer to him and he did the same.”
“…Jeff. Jr.” the boy repeated himself. The officer moaned with annoyance as he sat back down. He looked at the ceiling and covered his face, trying not to cry with frustration.
“What!?” he roared as someone knocked on the door.
“Richard.” Another officer started as he opened the door cautiously. “We, got the file on the kid, just like you asked-“
“Thank god! I was thinking we were going to have to do this again!” Richard laughed as he released his stress. As the other officer closed the door Richard opened the file and placed it on the desk. “Ok kid, since you obviously won’t take seriously, I might as well tell you who you are.”
“Sounds fare.” The boy replied smugly as he leaned back.
“Your name is Christopher R. Stole. Your 90% American, 10% Irish,”
“Sounds right.” The boy smiled.
“You were born on January 8th, 1996 in Springfield Oregon at 9:35 A.M.”
“Guess I was.” Officer Richard sighed with irritation.
“When you were born you weighed in at 7 ½ lbs and- I swear to god if you interrupt me again I will kill you!” Richard snapped at him, the boy quickly closed his mouth. “You were born as a brunette with green eyes and were easily recognizable, now, I doubt even your own Mother can tell who you are!” he looked at the boy, his face was completely burnt and his skin looked like it was melting, he had cuts on the sides of his mouth curling up to his ears, his eyes were red, and if he looked under the table, he’d notice that he was missing his left leg.
“You say it like it’s a bad thing-“
“It is a bad thing! No human being should look like this-!”
“I know a human being that looks Something like this.” The boy smiled sinisterly at him.
“I swear to fucking god,” Richard leaned forward and grabbed him by his shirt. “If you mention him one last time, I’m going to do more, than just taze you.” The boy continued smiling as Richard released him. “Now, I’m going to ask you this one question one, last, time, how did all of this start-“
“I’d tell you, but to do so, I’d have to talk about…” the boy paused and let the officer take a deep breath to regain his thoughts.
“Fine.” Richard sighed with irritation and annoyance. “Talk about him, tell me All about him, tell me about “Jeff. The killer!-“
“I thought you wanted to know how this started-“
“I fucking do now tell me!” Richard snapped at him and it caused him to laugh.
“It started two months ago. I was in my bed trying to get to sleep, but for some reason, I had a feeling that something was wrong. I got out of bed to get something to drink, and when I did, I heard my mom screaming from down the hall, I rushed to my door, and when I opened it, I saw a man leave her room. He turned his head and faced me and I quickly closed my door and rushed back into my bed, and a few seconds later, the door flew open. I heard the sound of some sort of liquid dripping off his knife and onto the floor, it almost drove me insane, drip…drip…drip…drip-“
“Do I have to put you in solitary confinement?” Richard asked with no emotion in his voice.
“He started walking over to my bed, he reached for the blankets and right as he pulled them off I grabbed his hand and prevented him from using his knife, but, that was a mistake. I saw his face, white skin, black rings around his eyes, and the most sinister as hell smile, and to make that part worse, it was carved into his face-“
“Like yours?” Richard smiled.
“Yes, and soon to be like yours!” he stood up attempting to attack him but got caught on the handcuffs keeping him chain to a pipe on the wall behind him, since he couldn’t do anything, he sat back down and continued talking. “We fought each other, in a struggle to kill the other, and somehow, somehow, I managed to get the knife away from him and knock him to the floor.”
“What did you do next?”
“I gave him back his knife and set him free-“
“Ok wait; let me get this straight, you set free, a mass murderer.”
“That’s right-“
“Why the hell would you do that!?”
“…He’s Jeff the killer, why wouldn’t I?” Richard groaned with anger.
“Ok, whatever. Continue.”
“A week later I finished moving all my stuff over to my dad’s house, unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one there, my sister moved in with him, along with my step-mom.”
“Must have been hell.”
“You have no idea. The first night after I finished unpacking, I got the feeling that, that someone was coming for me-“
“Was it Jeff?” Richard asked sarcastically.
“Yes, it was, and since you know this story, why don’t you tell it to me.”
“Ok, sorry, please continue.”
“As I was saying, I had the feeling someone was coming for me, so I decided to welcome them with a face they knew. I left my room; I got a knife from the kitchen, went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I took a deep breath, and then started carving this into my face. “He paused as he pointed to the cut that increased the size of his mouth.
“Why did you do that?”
“I wanted to show him how happy I was to see him again. After I got done with my “Surgery” I whipped the blood of my face, got back into my bed, and waited.”
“For him?”
“Yeah, for him.”
“What did you do when he got there?”
“I smiled. I smiled until it hurt. He went into my room, he pulled back the covers, and there I was, looking at him, smiling, crying, laughing.”
“…Why?” Richard asked with fear in his voice.
“I was happy, sad, excited, mad, I was caught between several different emotions, I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel. After he saw me, he froze up, while he was frozen, I started talking to him.”
“What did you say?”
“Jeff, it’s been a while, I’m happy to see you again. Do you like what I did? I had it done just for this occasion.” The boy started laughing maniacally. “I think he was happy, since he started laughing and smiling to, I got out of my bed and went back into the bathroom, when I came back, I showed him the knife I use to cut myself, then started talking again. “This is what I used Jeff, just like you.” He started smiling more, he took the knife and looked at it for a second, than he grabbed my arm and started pulling me out of the house.”
“Hard to say, it felt like forever, but he took me to this big two-story house.”
“And told you to kill the people inside?”
“Almost, he told me, “This is what we’re going to do kid, if you want to be like me, you’re going to have to kill.” At first I was nervous; I told him that “God doesn’t approve of murder.” But then he told me, “What kind of god doesn’t allow fun?” I didn’t argue.”
“Why not?”
“Because he was right, I started smiling again, and I think I started bleeding when I did that, anyway, he handed me his knife and helped me up to the window above the front door, when I was in position, I took his knife and started tapping on the window, tap, tap tap. The lights in the room turned on, and a second later the window opened and a little kid stuck her head out and looked around.”
“Did you kill her?”
“Not there. When she looked over at me she screamed, she pulled her head back in, and she would have closed the window, but I jammed the knife in it, she raced away from me as I started climbing in. “Don’t be afraid little girl, I just want to play with you.” I told her, thinking I could get her to stand still, I got close to her, but not fast enough, her parents entered the room and saw me, and I saw them. I held the girl close to me and kept my hand over her mouth to prevent her from saying anything, and without even thinking twice, I slit her throat, and blood sprayed everywhere.“
“My god-”
“Is nothing more than a selfish, hypocrite. As I was saying, when I slit her throat her mother screamed, and her father covered her mouth. “What’s wrong? It’s just a game.” I told them with in my most nightmarish voice. The father slammed the door shut and I went up to it and stabbed my knife in it, he must have had is back against it, since when I opened it, his lifeless body fell to the ground, the mother tried to run, she tried to call the police, but while she was dialing the number in, I came up behind her, cut the wire on the phone, then my favorite part happened-“
‘You raped her?”
“No not really, but if you saw the sight, your eyes would be the ones being raped. In a nutshell, you could just say I stabbed her 100 times, slit her throat, and ripped her limb from limb.” The boy started smiling and chuckling as he reminded himself of what he did. “When they were all dead, Jeff came in and asked me. “So?”, “So what?” I replied. “So, how does it feel, to kill your first victims?” I looked up at him, then down at the knife, and I think I like it, since I raised the knife to my mouth, and started licking the blood off of it.”
“My god…you’re sick!” Richard started backing away from him and towards the door.
“No, just thirsty. Later that night he took my back home, I got dressed, then came back out looking like him, he shook his head like he was disappointed, but, I could tell that he was going to enjoy having someone to kill with. We headed to our next house, he handed me his knife but I refused it and took out my own weapon.”
“What was your weapon?”
“You know what a brass knuckle is?”
“You know the ones with the spikes on them?”
“Well these…weren’t those, these ones had knives on them instead, on knife between each finger. I snuck into the house undetected just like Jeff taught me, I walked over and into the child’s bed room, and lucky for me, there were 2 of them. I killed the one on the lower bunk first; I covered his mouth, and then drove my bladed knuckles deep into his skull and his eyes, when I withdrew it I let the blood drip onto the floor, it took a minute but the kid on the top bunk woke up. I quickly hid under the bed as he climbed down the ladder, when he stepped onto the floor; he stepped right into a puddle of blood. He went over to his brother and started shaking him trying to wake him up, obviously, he didn’t know that he was dead, he kept shaking him telling him “Wake up, you wet the bed again.” Little kid thought the wet tuff on the floor was urine, poor naive brat. He went over to the door and turned the light on, he turned around to keep talking to him, but instead he screamed at the horrific sight, after he screamed, that’s when I made him think he was having a nightmare.”
“How so?”
“I crawled out from under the bed saying “Shhh, don’t you know people are trying to sleep?” it was hilarious, he tried racing out of the room but I stabbed him in the back of his head, I think I hit his brain stem, since he went down without a sound.” The boy looked up at the officer and he was staring at him with intense rage. “What?” the boy smiled.
“You sick bastard, you killed 2 innocent children.” Richard growled at him.
“Since when were they innocent? Those children sinned just like me-“
“No they didn’t!” Richard roared at him. The boy started laughing historically again. “Stop laughing!”
“I can’t help it, it’s just funny-“
“What the hell is funny!?”
“The fact that you think that those children were pure.” The boy immediately stopped laughing and became serious. “No one in this world is pure like me and Jeff, no one.” He leaned closer to Richard and whispered to him. “After I killed them I went into the master bedroom, the father was gone and the mother was sound asleep, and as a parting gift for the father, I shredded the mother’s face beyond recognition.”
“I know!” Richard growled. “That was my house, that was my wife, and those were my children.”
“Oh, well then, I hope you enjoyed your present-“
“I’ll kill you!” Richard jumped out of his chair and started punching the boy, it took a moment but the other officers rushed into the room and held him back, as he struggled to get up the boy started laughing again.
“You think that hurt? I’ve been through worse! And what I’ve been through could make a man like you run in fear!” The boy continued laughing as Richard was dragged out of the room, when he got into the hallway; another officer came in and closed the door behind him.
“Hi.” The boy stopped laughing and greeted him.
“Hello?” he replied with a nervous tone.
“So, who are you?”
“My name…my name is Kenmore; I’m going to be taking Richard’s place until he cools down.”
“Nice to meet you Kenmore, would you like to hear the rest of my story?”
“Uh, ok.” He sat down in Richard chair and waited for him to continued speaking.
“Do you know where I left off?”
“Yeah, you just killed his family; I was listening in on the story.”
“Good for you. Now, after I killed them, Jeff led me into town and stopped in an ally way, he told me, “You did a great job on those last few kills kid, but, if you want to stay with me you’re going to have to do something for me” when I asked him what he wanted me to do, he said that I “Have to go through as much pain as he did” I smiled at him, and said “Sure, that sounds easy.” I took out the machete I had in the golf bag I brought with me, I put my foot up on a garbage can, then I cut off my left leg,” he paused his he raised his stump of a leg and placed it on the desk. “Right below the knee.”
“That’s…that’s, really. Painful.” Kenmore stuttered.
“Yes, very. When I cut it off I fell to the ground and started laughing, it hurt like hell, but I didn’t let that get to me. When the pain started to go away, I reached back into the golf bag and pulled out 4 pipes, a metal desk, and a welding torch that I packed.”
“It seems like you knew this was going to happen.”
“Yeah, guess I did know. I wielded the pipes to the disk, and then I put it up to the stub under my knee and welded it to myself.”
“Did that hurt?”
“More than cutting off my leg. I stood up to see if it would work, the pipes were a few inches to tall, but I didn’t mind. When I looked over at Jeff it seemed like he was stunned, he was just staring at me, I asked him who we were going to kill next and he led me into the apartment building where we started killing together. The sun started to rise when we got done, since we couldn’t go outside without everyone seeing us, we stayed inside and waited.”
“Did anyone try to get inside the apartment building?”
“Yes, a few.”
“And what did you d after night fell?”
“I came out of hiding and started killing again.”
“And how long has this been going on?”
“2 months, before this happened.”
“Before you got caught?”
“Before I burnt myself.”
“Oh…why, or, how?”
“Jeff was taking my on my 153rd kill, and we stopped by a big mansion, after we slaughtered everyone inside he started talking to me-“he was about to say what Jeff told him, but he was interrupted by the door opening.
“Kenmore.” Richard started as he stepped into the room. “You can step out now; I’ll take it from here.”
“Yes sir.” Kenmore got up and walked out of the room, and Richard closed the door behind him, separating them from the others again.
“Now, where did we leave off?”
“I just killed your family, but I’d rather not repeat that part again, to boring.”
“Fine then, continue where you ended.”
“Jeff just told me, “I’m sorry I have to do this kid, but we have to part ways.” He told me as he whipped his knife on his hoodie, getting all the blood off of it, and if my crooked smile could move, it’d be frowning, when I asked him why, all he said was that he didn’t want to go around with a normal looking kid like me, I grew angry at him, he said he’d kill one more family with me, I stopped him, I told him “We should stay for a little longer, we should get comfy and get some food before we go.” He told me that that’s not what we do, but I managed to persuade him. After a while, I started a fire and got it to the perfect temperature, I looked over to him with a strange smile on my face, he wanted to know what I was thinking, and without saying a thing, I stuck my head into the fire place, he shouted at me then pulled me out of it, “Are you insane or just fucking stupid!?” he yelled at me, I looked at him, with this face, and I told him, “If you don’t want to travel with  normal looking person, then how about with a complete monster.” I started standing up, I was a little disoriented, but when I stood up, he asked me why I did this. I told him, “Because you even said, you don’t want to be seen with a normal looking kid like me.” He stood up, he looked at me with annoyance for a moment, then he patted me on my shoulder, I would have smiled, but I was in unbearable pain.”
“You are the biggest and craziest imbecile that I have ever had the displeasure if interrogating.” Richard told him with little emotion in his voice. The boy looked at him and smiled. “What?”
“Nothing, just thinking about how I should kill you.”
“Keep thinking that, we’ll see who’s smiling when I blow your brains out.” The boy shook his head then continued talking.
“After that day, we continued killing for a while, until…you showed up. You cornered the two of us in the same ally that I lost my leg in, and your wouldn’t let us go. We had no way of escaping, so, I did the dumbest thing ever, I told Jeff to wait where he was, I stood up and he attempted to hold me back, but I told him, “it’s the only way for you to survive.” “There’s no point in giving up you know, we can escape-“he tried to persuade me, but I interrupted him, I said, “From prison? No, they’ll have us killed, and you still have people to kill “I walked out from my hiding place and you and several other of you brute friends tackled me to the ground, ripped my artificial leg off and threw me into the back of those cramped cars you drive.”
“You exaggerating, we didn’t throw you into the car-“
“No but you put me through pain-“
“When we ripped that thing off of you, you started laughing-!”
“I was screaming my head off-!”
“Forget this; I don’t have time to yell at a crazy guy.” Richard pressed another button on the tape recorder and the tape that was in it was ejected and he took it.
“Where are you going?”
“I’m going to go turn this in.”
“I thought you were going to listen to that whenever you wanted to go to bed.”
“What the hell are you talking about? Do you even know why I had you dragged out of your cell?!”
“Didn’t you want a bed time story?”
“You really are an idiot, this is your confession, and I needed this to have you executed!”
“Is that so?”
“Yes! Now I can finally have you and the imaginary friend of your put in jail!”
“What!”  The boy stood up but got caught on his handcuffs again. “Jeff is not imaginary!”
“Yes he is-!”
“No he isn’t! I know he’s really! He helped me kill all those people-!”
“That was your imagination! You did this all on your own! He was never there!”
“How would you know that?!”
“Because people have been telling me! The first night when you started killing, I got a call that you left your home, Alone, and came back covered in blood-!”
“Jeff was there with me-!”
“No he wasn’t! The night you lost your leg, I got a call that someone was heard screaming in an ally way, when they looked out their window, they saw you cutting off your leg with a rusty machete-!”
“Jeff wanted me to-!”
“Open your eyes damn it! Jeff is not real! You went insane and started thinking he was-!”
“He’s real! I saw him! He killed my mom-!”
“That was just a normal murderer! And you killed him! He came to kill you but you killed him-!”
“If you know all this why did you asked me to tell you!?”
“I needed this confession, and they wouldn’t believe me when I said that a fictional character came to life-!”
“He’s real-!”
“Snap out of it! You did all this by yourself! Every kill, you were alone, every time you broke into someone’s home, you were alone!” and just then, the boy’s memory started coming back, the very first time he saw him, it wasn’t Jeff it was just a man, the second time he saw him, he killed him, and the rest of his family, when he took off his leg, Jeff wasn’t there, when he put his head into the fire place, it was a survivor of his attack, and when she helped him, he killed her. “Every single kill, you were alone! So for the last time. Jeff the killer! Is not real-!”
“I’ll kill you!” the boy yelled at him, he broke the pipe he was chained to and steam started coming out of it filling the room. Richard got out of the room right as the boy reached him, when he noticed the door was closed and he wasn’t there, he went over to the window and saw him standing next to Kenmore, he started bagging on the window constantly yelling at him.
“Kenmore, get the others and get this guy out of here.”
“Yes sir-“and right as he moved, they heard a cracking noise, they looked at the window and saw it was starting to brake “Sir…wasn’t that glass unbreakable?” Kenmore asked with a nervous voice as he backed away.
“It was.” Richard replied with the same voice. The window started breaking even more. “Kenmore, get out of here…now!” and as Kenmore started running, the window broke and the boy appeared, his face was even more burnt then it already was and he became impaled on a piece of jagged glass that was left on the bottom of the window. He picked himself up and started moving towards Richard who pulled out his pistol and shot him in his back, but the boy didn’t care, he kept moving towards him. Richard pulled out his tazer and tazed him, but it didn’t do anything, and the boy took it from him and used it on him causing him to fall to the ground, he took the pistol on the floor next tom him and shot him in the head, he turned around and saw the other officers with their pistols pointed at him, he smiled and stood up. He raised his gun and they all started firing at him, once they stopped, they noticed that he was still standing, and out of fear, they all ran. The boy moved forward towards the turn in the hall way, and without looking, he reached around the corner and grabbed someone, when he looked, he saw that it was Kenmore.
“Please, don’t hurt me.”
“Bet you think I’m crazy, think I’m insane.”
“No, I don’t think that-“
“Good, since I’m not, I’m not crazy, I’m not!” the boy started laughing. “Get that thought out of your head!” he yelled at him at complete random. “I can hear your thoughts, I can hear them, calling me a psychopath, saying that I’m losing control, well guess what, I’m not! I’m in control. I lead everything like…like, like a Sheppard…yeah, a Sheppard, and you-, your just, just a, a lamb! That’s right, a lamb, a-baaa, lamb, you follow people blindly follow your leader, god, the law, but me? No, no, I go where I want, I follow who I wish, I make the rules, and from now on I tell you where to go, and what to do.”
“Y-yes sir…”
“And since you do as I say, I want you to die.” He picked up his bladed brass knuckle that Kenmore was carrying and he put it on. “Welcome little lamb…to the slaughter.” He stabbed him in the throat and when he removed the blade from him he rapidly bled to death. “The slaughter…” he said to himself as he began licking the blood of his blades. “…I like the sound of that.”
Little Slaughterhouse
This is my first, and so far only, attempt at making a Creepy Pasta, hope you enjoy it, and don't get nightmares from it...cus it actually happened...the guy was a wus.

(4k+words of my best writing to date)
It's this idea i had for a while now, it's basically the next generation of MLP. The animation stays the same, BUT the characters and the setting are different. Insted of being in Equestria, it takes place on a colossal island city in the future...about100-1000 years in the future, and the city is called Pony-Opolis, everything is more advanced, more tech, so on, so on, and the characters are supposed to be descendants of the main six. If you remember there were two characters that had crushes on two of the main six. (Not including Red Tear). So in the future Ankh marries Twilight, and Clockwork marries Apple Jack. When they get married the each have a child, Sand Script, and Cog (Cog=Female / Sand Script=Male) They get married and "have" three children (I say "have" because they aren't exactly there children.) The oldest child is a boy named Barrage, the middle child is also a boy named Sand Stone, and the youngest child is a girl named Autumn Fall. In the show some of the ponies go missing, and the three children have to work together (spite the fact they can't stand one-another) go back in time using Sand Stones time machine and find the missing pony. More info about the show, Celestia, Luna, and Monochrome, all used their magic together to cast a spell on the world to speed up time, intelligence, and yap yap yap. Point is ponies go missing every now and then, and the three have to go find them in the past and make sure their safe to prevent a butterfly affect. They also have to try their best not to get coaght by any pony, also to prevent a butterfly affect.

P.S. New story "MLP: Nightmares"
P.P.S. this idea actually came from a game. This show is based off it.


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Ponies and Creepy Pastas, WOO!


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