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People keep giving me Llamas! I'm thankful and all, but...why?
It's this idea i had for a while now, it's basically the next generation of MLP. The animation stays the same, BUT the characters and the setting are different. Insted of being in Equestria, it takes place on a colossal island city in the future...about100-1000 years in the future, and the city is called Pony-Opolis, everything is more advanced, more tech, so on, so on, and the characters are supposed to be descendants of the main six. If you remember there were two characters that had crushes on two of the main six. (Not including Red Tear). So in the future Ankh marries Twilight, and Clockwork marries Apple Jack. When they get married the each have a child, Sand Script, and Cog (Cog=Female / Sand Script=Male) They get married and "have" three children (I say "have" because they aren't exactly there children.) The oldest child is a boy named Barrage, the middle child is also a boy named Sand Stone, and the youngest child is a girl named Autumn Fall. In the show some of the ponies go missing, and the three children have to work together (spite the fact they can't stand one-another) go back in time using Sand Stones time machine and find the missing pony. More info about the show, Celestia, Luna, and Monochrome, all used their magic together to cast a spell on the world to speed up time, intelligence, and yap yap yap. Point is ponies go missing every now and then, and the three have to go find them in the past and make sure their safe to prevent a butterfly affect. They also have to try their best not to get coaght by any pony, also to prevent a butterfly affect.

P.S. New story "MLP: Nightmares"
P.P.S. this idea actually came from a game. This show is based off it.


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Ponies and Creepy Pastas, WOO!


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:) Hi
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I'm a beginning artist so i can't draw. But I'm relay creative when it comes to writing. So until i learn how to draw i probably going to writ stores.
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My name is supposed to be Prince Monochrome with a "R" in prince not "T" but someone already took the name. Little bit annoyed.
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